blackpink in your area!

Hello! My name is Haru. I am a casual TCG player and hardcore K-Pop stan.

You should always approve trades on your end without waiting for me! I try to respond within a week when I remember, but I will never deny a trade! I actively trade from my keeping collection for other keeping & collecting. I will trade all other cards for keeping/collecting/or even randoms! I do ask that you please try to leave 1 card in my keeping from sets if at all possible. If you really need it, I will be happy to trade you! I only ask if you get any doubles that you think of me in the future!

I love, love, love KPop! My first group was 2NE1, but my favorite groups are BLACKPINK (!Lisa!), Monsta X (Hyungwon), NCT (127). Recently I've gotten into CLC, LOONA, and Pristin. I also have a soft spot for BTOB & Infinite! Other groups I actively follow are: AOA, Astro, Got7, Pentagon, and Shinee. There are also some groups like G-Idle, Gugudan, Ikon, and Winner that I catch up on from time to time. That seems like a lot, but this is K-Pop we're talking about!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Thank you!